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Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling provides neat, clean holes through all types of mass and reinforced concrete, brickwork and block work, ranging in size from 6mm up to 1000mm in diameter. Our diamond drills provide a quiet, efficient and non vibrating way of forming holes and slots in just about anything. Ideal for when keeping noise to a minimum is essential.

Diamond Stitch Drilling is one method of producing larger openings through slabs or walls. 107mm diameter diamond bits (4") are usually used. These holes are overlapped by 10-20mm until the perimeter is complete. The remaining section is then removed leaving the desired opening. This method is often adopted where floor or wall sawing options are restricted. With virtually no limit to the depth and size of the opening, requirements in deeper walls / floors can often be achieved using the Stitch Drilling method

Diamond drilling 2.jpg
Diamond drilling1.jpg
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