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Diamond Sawing

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Diamond Track/Wall sawing is the fastest and most precise method for cutting openings in concrete structures such as walls, floors and on inclined surfaces. The system consists of a track that supports a travelling saw head, safety guard and a circular diamond segmented blade. The track is bolted to the concrete surface while the saw head and blade are operated by a remote control at a safe distance powered by either an electric or hydraulic motor. The cut is made by the spinning blade progressively being fed into the concrete and making a series of passes over the surface until the required depth is achieved. The saw has the capacity to cut to a max depth of 1000mm.

Diamond Track/Wall Sawing main applications are for forming of openings for doorways, windows and ducts. Others are for creating separation joints prior to demolition and cutting openings where the floor saw would find it difficult to gain access.

Diamond floor sawing ensures a fast and effective method of creating clean-cut edges to concrete slabs or asphalt surfaces. Typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces It is particularly suited to forming openings for service and ventilation ducts, lift shafts, escalators and separation joints prior to demolition. Other applications include cutting expansion joints, crack inducing joints, and forming of trenches.

Floor saws are mainly self propelled. An operator walks behind the machine controlling the speed and depth of cutting. Diesel or electrically powered machines can be used to cut depths of up to 600mm.

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The hand-held saws are quick and efficient to operate, and are useful for working in confined spaces.

Chain sawing offers virtual elimination of over-cuts when creating corners of openings or when cutting electrical ducts and boxes to exacting specification. Chain saws can cut up to 1m deep through brick, granite, concrete, heavy duty steel reinforcement bars and breeze block.

Ring Saws can cut up to 250mm deep through brick, granite, heavy duty steel reinforcement bars, breeze blocks and concrete.

Diamond wire sawing allows almost any large concrete or masonry structure to be cut where other methods are not feasible. It is an ideal tool for cutting and removing reinforced concrete, such as bridge sections, jetties, columns or beams. Diamond wire sawing is particularly useful when extremely thick and/or awkward shapes need cutting.

A diamond beaded sawing wire can be wrapped around almost any size or shape of reinforced / mass concrete or masonry structure. The wire is fed through a series of pulleys, and tensioned to suit the operator’s requirements. Once positioned, the diamond sawing wire is pulled and rotated around the object at 25 linear meters per second. This enables the diamond beads attached to the wire to cut the material as it is pulled through. The wire is cooled and flushed by free flowing water at all times: this helps to ensure ease of cutting and minimize overheating whilst in operation. As the wire is pulled through the object, any excess wire is stored on to a series of pulleys and stacked within the looping system. The wire sawing machines are powered by electricity, petrol or diesel.

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